My Everyday Morning Routine

Hey guys, so, I think by now we all have a certain routine everyone does in the morning. I feel it is something everyone has customized for themselves in order to be able to wake up properly without having to think much. I realized that I do the same things EVERY morning (excluding the weekends) and if I forget or don’t do any of the list of things I’ll find it really hard during the day to be able to focus and get things done properly and quickly. Anyways this is my morning routine.

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Wishlist May 2017

Hey guys! I just want to start this blog post off by apologizing for not posting recently but it was quite a challenge for me to find time to write a blog post as I am currently studying 24/7 for my o’levels and I didn’t want to write a blog post when I’m dead tired as it wouldn’t be as good. Anyways I decided to make a wishlist for May 2017. I think through this you guys can get to know more about what I like and about me in general. Continue reading “Wishlist May 2017”


Ever since I was young I was a big book-worm, every night you would find me hypnotised by a book.  As I grew up I didn’t read as often as I had too many distractions during the day but during the night I used to lose track of time reading until I fall asleep with the book in my hands.  Harry Potter has always been a book my friends had recommended to me but I never really liked the idea as I thought it was going to be a story full of dragons and swords only and not what it actually is. Continue reading “HOW I BECAME A HARRY POTTER FAN”