Netflix series you’ve got to start

Hey guys,

So, I recently decided to buy Netflix. I’ve always wanted to buy it but I never seemed to actually go online, check the prices and make a decision to buy it. But, lately I was at my friend’s house and she has Netflix and I got to actually see first hand how it works and I actually really liked it. The next day I decided to go online and check the prices and actually realised that it’s really inexpensive, approximately the price of one or two McDonalds meals a month which is really worth it so I told my father about it and we made an account.

Now that I’ve Continue reading “Netflix series you’ve got to start”

Fall has finally returned 🍁😄

Hey guys!

Finally!!! The season everyone was waiting for has finally arrived 😃 and we couldn’t be any happier!

Now to fully embody the autumnal spirit you have to start off by buying a soft, fluffy brown sweater along with a beanie, some boots and a warm scarf. Now make your way to your local Starbucks and order a pumpkin spice latte🤤 Continue reading “Fall has finally returned 🍁😄”

Welcome to mclusblog 😃

Hey guys,

So, many of you might find it strange that I’m writing yet another introduction blog as I’ve written a couple of posts before but I recently decided to unpublish all of those and start all over again. To all you new comers don’t worry I’m not going to refer to any of the blogs I’ve written in the past because you wouldn’t know what I’m rambling about 😂. Anyways I’m going to dedicate this post to tell you what there’s going to be on this, well blog, haha you get what I mean, well I hope you do 😂 and also tell you a few things about me 🙂. Continue reading “Welcome to mclusblog 😃”