Wishlist May 2017

Hey guys! I just want to start this blog post off by apologizing for not posting recently but it was quite a challenge for me to find time to write a blog post as I am currently studying 24/7 for my o’levels and I didn’t want to write a blog post when I’m dead tired as it wouldn’t be as good. Anyways I decided to make a wishlist for May 2017. I think through this you guys can get to know more about what I like and about me in general. DISCLAIMER I in no way actually expect to receive these things. Btw I’m going to try keep this as short as possible and not actually mention everything.


1. Shoes

I LOVE shoes sm. Like this one time I went to Rome and ended up buying like 10 pairs of shoes in like 3 days before my mum said I couldn’t buy anymore. Anyways lately I’ve really been wanting yeezys. For any of you who don’t know what they are, they’re shoes that Kanye West and Adidas collaborated together to create these amazing pair of shoes my favourite colour is black and I’d love to get my hands on one day along with many more adidas shoes.



2. Apple products

So, ever since I was young and actually found out what “Apple” is I always wanted to buy apple products, so at the age of about, 7 I think, I asked my mother if I could buy an Iphone but she immediately told me “NOOO WWAAAAYY” haha this is because during my life I broke multiple phone and the main reason was because I fall/jump into a swimming pool with my phone in my swimming suit pocket. I’ll one day write all the stories in better detail in future blog posts. So from last year I’ve been saving up  for an Iphone 6s plus but when I managed to save up enough money it was Christmas time and I LOVE giving gifts that everyone loves and I ended up spending all of the money on gifts for my family and friends. Now I decided to save up for the Iphone 7 plus matte black and buy it when my exams finish as a gift for myself.



Along with the Iphone I really want and actually need a macbook as my current laptop is slowly breaking more and more each day and my track pad sometimes just suddenly stops working for a day and I wouldn’t be able to do anything on it. I also really want a macbook specifically for final cut pro as this summer I wish to start a youtube channel and all my previous attempts to edit videos I would’ve created have been a failure as I couldn’t find a good editing software to edit my videos as I wish.

macbook pro


3. Camera/filming related

So as you all know by now I”m hoping to start a youtube channel but to start one up I also need lighting equipment which I most certainly don’t have any as my house’s lighting is horrible for videos and I don’t have any proper lighting equipment that I can use as all I  had till now is a lamp and the lightbulb is yellow and I prefer if it’s white, soo what I really wish to buy right now are some soft boxes so I’d be able to shoot better videos and also I really like photography so they would be really great when it comes to taking pictures for instagram and stuff.



I recently broke my tripod because I was trying to take a picture and I accidentally dropped the tripod with the camera on it but thank God I managed to catch the camera but, sadly, I broke my tripod so now I really want to buy a compact tripod so that I’ll be sure no more incidents happen as, if the camera actually hit the ground, I’m pretty sure the lens would have shattered just like my ptotective lens shattered for no apparent reason last week.



4. Telescope


Now, last but certainly not least I REALLY want a telescope. If you ask any of my relatives they would tell you I’m obsessed with space. It has been one of my all time favourite topic ever since I was young and I always wanted to be able to gaze at stars and planets all around us. As a matter of fact every single time me and my family go to a farmhouse in the countryside, and late at night we’ll all be in the pool, I always tell everybody to switch off all the lights and we just look at the sky and see all those stars and wonder what there might be out there. An interesting fact about me is that, excluding becoming a youtuber and actor, my dream job has always been to work with NASA and every summer I go to this place where there’s a free telescope where you can just gaze through it and I just love spending time looking at all the details on the moon or watch shooting stars travel across the sky.




So that was it my may 2017 wishlist, obviously I couldn’t possibly mention all the things I want like candles, books, perfumes and other accessories as the list would never end so I just mentioned some things that I’ve been wanting for a long period of time now. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and once again I apologize for not posting for this long but as I told you I am currently studying for my o’levels and I found it difficult to find time to actually sit down and just write this blog post. Make sure to like and follow if you liked this blog post and feel free to comment down below if you also want some of these items or what you would like to buy as I’m always interested in what you guys like.

Yours truly,

MclusBlog xx


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